At Boomerang Ventures, we believe better patient care begins with identifying and solving the biggest challenges in healthcare.


Boomerang Ventures partners with founders, investors, and institutions that are leveraging new technologies to disrupt healthcare for the better.

With our combination studio and venture fund, we provide the collaborative direction, deep industry expertise, and continuum of support founders need to take their innovations from ideation to market.

Seamless Approach to Innovation.

Our combination studio and fund work together to bring transformative healthcare ideas to life.

Connected Health Technology Focus.

We build and invest in connected health companies that are shaping a better future for healthcare.


We value our partners’ perspectives and work collaboratively to realize our shared vision.


Boomerang Ventures partners with founders, investors, and institutions that are leveraging new technologies to disrupt healthcare for the better.

With our combination studio and venture fund, we provide the collaborative direction, deep industry expertise, and continuum of support founders need to take their innovations from ideation to market.

Seamless Approach to Innovation.

Our combination studio and fund work together to bring transformative healthcare ideas to life.

Connected Health Technology Focus.

We build and invest in connected health companies that are shaping a better future for healthcare.


We value our partners’ perspectives and work collaboratively to realize our shared vision.

Disrupting the
healthcare industry
for the better.


Between rising costs, aging populations, staffing shortages, and increasing chronic disease, our healthcare system is struggling to provide the quality of care that patients need and deserve.

Our experienced team has been in the Midwest healthcare and life science ecosystem for decades and knows what goes into launching, growing, and scaling successful healthcare companies. With our fund and studio, we are building health tech companies to improve the quality, accessibility, delivery, efficiency, and overall experience of patient care.

We make investments in high-potential Midwest companies where our team can drive outsized impact. We focus on key healthcare sectors experiencing accelerated digital and care model transformation, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual care, remote patient management and more. Together, these interconnected areas are paving the way for a brighter future in healthcare.


Healthtech investments in "at-home care" are thriving as the demand for personalized and convenient healthcare services grows. Startups are developing remote patient monitoring devices, telemedicine platforms, and mobile health apps to provide high-quality care at home, aiming to enhance patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and improve the overall patient experience by leveraging technology.


Empowering data-driven healthcare decisions. We invest in health information solutions, including EHRs, HIEs, and health data analytics platforms, to enable improved interoperability, decision-making, and patient engagement.


Our investments focus on companies developing telemedicine platforms, wearable devices, and remote monitoring systems that empower healthcare professionals to monitor and engage with patients remotely. These investments aim to enhance patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and improve accessibility to care by enabling timely interventions, preventive care, and ongoing support in the comfort of patients' homes.


We invest in "value-based care," which has increased as healthcare systems shift towards reimbursement models that prioritize quality outcomes and cost-effectiveness. Companies are developing technologies such as electronic health records (EHRs), population health management platforms, and data analytics tools to support value-based care initiatives. These investments aim to facilitate data-driven decision-making, improve care coordination, and enhance patient engagement, ultimately leading to better quality care and more efficient healthcare delivery.


Our investments focus on companies developing technologies such as wearable devices, smart home sensors, and remote monitoring systems to improve chronic condition management and personalized care for older adults. These investments aim to enhance patient engagement, improve health outcomes, and reduce hospital readmissions through digital solutions that monitor health, track medication adherence, and enable remote consultations with healthcare providers.


Healthtech investments targeting care provider shortages have gained traction as the demand for healthcare services continues to outpace the availability of qualified professionals. Companies are developing innovative solutions such as telehealth platforms, AI-powered triage systems, and remote monitoring devices to bridge the gap between patients and care providers. These investments aim to increase access to care, improve efficiency, and alleviate the burden on healthcare professionals by leveraging technology to extend their reach and enhance the delivery of healthcare services.

We’re here to improve lives with transformative healthcare innovation.


Driving the future of healthcare technology from the Midwest, for the world.
Intentional Innovation
We push ourselves to think beyond the obvious. We leverage flexible creativity and structured methodology to innovate a future we all deserve.

Committed to Collaboration

Our best work happens collaboratively as a team. We listen well and communicate constructively with each other and our partners to create lasting impact. 
Results that Matter
We focus on positively impacting patient experiences and outcomes. We set high-performance goals and follow through to improve the health of our communities and beyond.

Meet our Team.

At our core, we are a dedicated group of investors, entrepreneurs, and business managers who possess profound healthcare expertise. With a shared commitment to enhancing patient experiences and outcomes, we strive to make a positive impact through our collective passion.

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    Partner + Chief Financial Officer


Project Leader

Ally Thill is a Project Leader at Boomerang Ventures, where she utilizes her mechanical engineering background to conduct technology and market assessments for potential projects as well as manage and collaborate on projects that are brought into the studio.

In design thinking sessions, Ally collaborates with clients and other Boomerang staff members to better understand opportunities being addressed and improve product designs.

Ally previously worked as an engineering intern at Retinal Care Inc., where she helped design a device to test an electronic sensor that gathered force and angle measurements on eyedrop bottles to improve medication compliance in glaucoma patients. Soon after, she joined Boomerang Ventures as an engineering intern during her last semester at the University of Notre Dame before becoming a full-time employee after graduation.

Ally earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Bioengineering from the University of Notre Dame, having completed the Summer Engineering Program in London, England, where she studies engineering ethics and technical writing. She is a member of the Society of Women Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


Studio Board Member

Ariel MacTavish, a Studio Board Member at Boomerang Ventures, is an innovative medical device professional with broad-based experience in several product categories in both strategic and transactional marketing and general management.

Ariel has served more than a decade in executive positions at Medtronic, a leading global healthcare technology company, and is currently President of Medtronic’s Respiratory Interventions Operating Unit. Her other positions at Medtronic include Vice President and General Manager of Respiratory Interventions and Vice President of Global Marketing for Respiratory Interventions.

Prior to joining Medtronic, Ariel held positions at Johnson & Johnson, including Director of Worldwide Marketing for Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and Wound Closure Group Product Director at Ethicon.

Ariel received a Bachelor of Science in History from Dartmouth College and an MBA in International Business at Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina.


Partner + Chief Innovation Officer

Audrey Beckman, Partner and Chief Innovation Officer at Boomerang Ventures since 2020, brings healthcare ideas to life by identifying new value drivers, de-risking key uncertainties, and providing necessary resources to first-time founders, universities, corporate clients, and healthcare systems.

Audrey is a seasoned executive, serving over 15 years in several executive roles with Zimmer Biomet Holdings Inc., one of the world’s top medical device companies.

After beginning her career at Zimmer Inc. in 1986 as a summer intern in Knee Development, she returned full-time to the company as a product development engineer. During her early career, Audrey developed and commercialized numerous knee implant and instrumentation systems, leading multi-functional technical and international surgeon teams in parallel with hands-on design activities. After helping develop and commercialize one of the world’s best-selling knee implant systems, Audrey began her management career in 1996, assuming the leadership of Zimmer’s Knee Development Engineering team.

Audrey held global leadership roles in product development, upstream marketing, medical training and education, and strategic quality initiatives. Excelling in the leadership of technical and nontechnical teams throughout her tenure, Audrey led international teams of engineers, marketing staff, and orthopedic surgeons. She was recognized for her skill at developing and executing complex strategies and initiatives.

Her leadership path continued through numerous restructurings and integrations to Vice President of Global Product Development at Zimmer Biomet Holdings, with an international team of more than 350 technical staff, including project office, prototype shop and packaging design. Recognized for leadership, portfolio management and product development process, she gained P&L experience as a leader of Zimmer’s largest global business unit in its initial years as a publicly-traded company. She also participated in corporate strategic and financial planning sessions for 15+ years, during which Zimmer developed and executed the industry’s leading minimally invasive surgery strategy for total hip and total knee replacement.

The orthopedic industry went through a significant change relative to relationships with surgeons who are both customers and consultants. Audrey was an essential leader of the Zimmer R&D leadership team as it developed new methods of valuing intellectual property, compensating consultants, and documenting the needs for consulting activities for internal approval and external oversight.

She rebuilt and led the Global Medical Education and Training team, improving educational effectiveness and aligning practices with AdvaMed guidelines. With an annual budget exceeding $70 million, the team grew from 30 to 100 people across more than 20 countries, training 28,000 healthcare professionals annually. Audrey also negotiated and collaborated with industry associations to develop and implement new third-party administered grant and donation practices for orthopedic professional education and to support needy patients worldwide.

Her last role with Zimmer Biomet Holdings was to lead a 1,300-person technical team formed to update and remediate quality system documentation for historical products developed or manufactured at four sites. In this role, she reported to the CEO, made quarterly presentations to the board of directors, and submitted quarterly updates to the FDA. Audrey led the senior leadership steering committee for the initiative and was the only executive to stay with the initiative for over two years, seeing the effort to completion in 2016.

Audrey began angel investing with VisionTech Partners in 2012, focusing her investments on start-up life science companies. After leaving Zimmer Biomet in 2016, she began advising start-ups on pitch decks, business opportunities and scaling activities. Audrey became the first independent board member for Board Management Software Inc., which primarily serves nonprofit organizations. She serves as a board member for Enlighten Mobility, a health tech start-up developing innovative, data-driven mobility care solutions.

Audrey has volunteered with Junior Achievement, teaching middle school through high school students about business. She also served on the board of directors for a nonprofit, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Kosciusko County in Warsaw, Indiana, chairing the governance committee after serving as president for a two-year term. Audrey currently resides in southwest Florida, sings in the Marco Island Community Chorus, and volunteers with community organizations.

Audrey earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Ball State University. She is an active participant on Notre Dame’s Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Industry Advisory Board, the College of Engineering Advisory Council to the President, and the Women in Engineering Advisory Council. She was instrumental in helping the College of Engineering receive multiyear research grants for pioneering research related to a new medical device technology.

Cassie Helmer




David Helmer is a serial entrepreneur with 40 years of experience in international companies and organizations. He is the co-founder and owner of Helmer Scientific, an advanced manufacturing medical and laboratory equipment company with distribution in 130 countries. ​

David is also co-founder and COO of Global Transact, which specializes in financing international trade in developing economies. He is co-founder and president of Center for Global Sports, an East African-based international sports consulting and management company and co-founder of Bigger Future, a development and investment company in Rwanda. He is also a partner, advisor and investor with VisionTech Partners, which has the most active angel investing network in the Midwest with more than 40 portfolio companies and some $20 million in invested capital.

David serves on the board of Sagamore Institute and has previously served as executive director for multiple international humanitarian organizations. He earned a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota.


Studio Director

Dick Aderman is a global leader who has built a career of broad experience across many types of businesses and is an Executive in Residence (XiR) at Boomerang Ventures and is President of The iTeam, a network of CEO think tanks in Indianapolis.

He has led corporate, private equity, and venture organizations with a mindset to innovate for growth. Dick has a successful track record of value creation with more than two decards of P&L responsibility. He is a leader, mentor, and multiplier with over 20 former direct reports currently serving as presidents or CEOs.

Dick has held senior-level global positions in healthcare IT, medical devices, clinical diagnostics, and healthcare services firms. He has raised $50M+ for private equity and venture-backed businesses. Dick currently serves as board chair for ImmunArray. This venture-backed, in-vitro diagnostics company develops tests based on microarray chip technology, and novel biomarkers focused on a suite of tests for acute brain injury.

Dick also serves on the Board of Advisors for the Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University and is President of the board for Fountains of Hope, a faith-based nonprofit that provides water purification systems to villages and communities in parts of Africa, India, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Dick is a graduate of Western Michigan University, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Economics, as well as a Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Speech Communications and Psychology.



Partner + Chief Medical Officer

Eric Beier brings his extensive leadership experience as both a physician entrepreneur and investor to his position as Partner and Chief Medical Officer at Boomerang Ventures.

Eric, who joined Boomerang in 2020, has over 25 years of experience spearheading strategic collaborations, leading high-performance teams, and achieving targeted organizational results.

Previously, Eric was the startup Chief Executive Officer of two physician revenue cycle management companies, achieving successful exits from both. In his role as CEO of the firm he founded, MedOptima, he also helped launch and manage three physician practices.

Eric also was the startup CEO for Matrix-Bio Inc., a Purdue tech transfer cancer diagnostics company that raised over $1.3 million in angel capital and negotiated a seven-figure commercialization development agreement with Quest Diagnostics.

He has made over 25 angel and private equity investments and founded the Fort Wayne chapter of VisionTech Angels.

Early career positions included product line manager for cardiovascular diagnostics at Boehringer Mannheim Corporation (now part of Roche Diagnostics) and practicing as an emergency physician in northeast Indiana.

Eric graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Hanover College. He earned his medical degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine and an MBA from the University of Michigan.


Venture Partner

Josh Nickols, Ph.D., is a Venture Partner at Boomerang Ventures and Chief Executive Officer at AgriThera Inc., an Atlanta-based pharmaceutical start-up focusing on bringing new cannabinoid therapeutics for the treatment of seizure disorders, anxiety, and chronic pain to market.

Josh also advises the development of assets from the portfolio at the University of Louisville. Previously, he was CEO at GlobalCastMD, an Ohio-based company that offers services that enables healthcare professionals and institutions the ability to shape their knowledge into engaging and more widely accessed content. He also was CEO of XII Medical, a private health technology company developing a neuromodulation solution for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

He previously served as a committee member at NIH Center for Accelerated Innovations (NCAI), headquartered at Cleveland Clinic, and as Executive in Residence at CincyTech USA, a public-private seed-stage investor that helps transform ideas into high-potential life science and digital companies in southwest Ohio.

Josh earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology at Washington University in St. Louis, a doctorate in molecular neuroscience at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and an MBA in finance and marketing at Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management.


Founder + Managing Partner

Oscar Moralez, a serial entrepreneur, mentor/coach, educator, and venture capital investor, co-founded Boomerang Ventures in 2019, an Indianapolis-based growth-stage venture capital firm focusing on technology companies in health care and the life sciences.

A year later, Oscar formed the Boomerang Studio, a diverse team of successful founders and entrepreneurs to serve as advisers, mentors, strategists, and guides to new founders and entrepreneurs.

He is also the founder and managing director of VisionTech Partners / VisionTech Angels, which launched in 2009. VisionTech Angels is among the Midwest’s most active angel investing networks. In 2002, Oscar founded BioStorage Technologies Inc. in Indianapolis and served as Chief Operating Officer. BioStorage was acquired in December 2015 by Brooks Automation (NASDAQ: BRKS), and the company is now part of the Brooks Life Sciences division. Prior to BioStorage, Oscar worked in various executive management roles in health care with Covance Clinical Laboratories, Mayo Medical Laboratories, and Boulder Community Hospital.

In addition to his experience with startups, investing and capital formation, Oscar’s background includes more than 30 years of technical, operations, and management experience in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

He currently serves on the board of GeoH, Inc. and has served in the past as a director for OrthoPediatrics, SonarMed, Apricity, BoxFox, The Venture Club of Indiana, The Speak Easy, Leaf Software Solutions, and the Indiana Center for Biomedical Innovation. Oscar is a regular speaker and presenter at universities across Indiana and serves as a mentor, coach, and judge for regional accelerators in the Midwest.

He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and an MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado in Boulder.


Studio Board Member

Rajat (Raj) Kapoor, a Studio Board Member at Boomerang Ventures, is an experienced physician leader, medical director, innovator, and educator at Indiana University Health and IU’s School of Medicine.

Raj currently serves as Respiratory Care Medical Director at IU Health, supervising the Respiratory Care Medical Department for the Academic Health Center in Indianapolis. He is also a Clinical Professor in the medical school’s Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

As a physician leader, Raj has led quality initiatives, protocol development, and the LEAN approach to continuous improvement to improve access and patient experience, physician burnout, and employee engagement.

Raj earned Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Medicine degrees from Maulana Azad Medical College, a top medical education college in India. He also received an MBA in the Business of Medicine from IU’s Kelley School of Business. He is board certified in internal medicine, critical care medicine, and pulmonary medicine.


Partner + Chief Financial Officer

Tony Petrucciani has been an entrepreneur since 1985 when he founded a software company serving manufacturers and service management organizations during his senior year of college. Over the next two-and-a-half decades, he grew Single Source Systems, Inc. to more than 1,000 customers in 29 countries. This led to a successful exit in 2011 when Infor, a global enterprise software firm acquired the Infor-related assets of the company. Tony granted equity in Single Source Systems to his remaining employees and continues in a coaching role as they regrow the organization. In 2014, Tony joined VisionTech Partners as a managing partner. VisionTech Angels is among the Midwest’s most active angel investing networks, with more than 40 portfolio companies and some $20 million in invested capital.

Tony brings technology, sales, management, and analytical experience to the Boomerang team. He currently serves on nine boards.  He earned a Bachelor of Science  in computer science and Spanish from Ball State University and is a graduate of The Entrepreneurial Masters Program, an entrepreneurial executive leadership program sponsored by MIT University and INC Magazine. He led Single Source Systems to two appearances on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing companies in America and was recognized among Indianapolis’ 40 under 40 by the Indianapolis Business Journal. Tony enjoys investing in and mentoring startup companies, keeping up with technology, problem solving and golf, sometimes all at the same time.

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