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Shane Harrington


Venture Studio Intern

Shane Harrington, a Venture Studio Intern at Boomerang Ventures, is an innovative medical professional with a diverse background spanning biomedical engineering, startup experience, and clinical practice.

With a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering-MedTech Innovation & Entrepreneurship from UNC Chapel Hill and NC State University, and currently pursuing a medical degree at Florida International University, Shane has showcased an exceptional ability to bridge the gap between technology and medicine. Before joining Boomerang Ventures, he served as a Venture Associate for an early-stage focused Venture Capital firm in San Francisco and worked as a MedTech Innovation consultant for RTI International, specializing in due diligence and business strategy analysis.

In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Shane worked at the bedside as an ICU nurse tech, an experience that inspired his current role as the founder of an early-stage AI company committed to transforming healthcare delivery through innovative solutions for nurses.

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