At Boomerang Ventures, we’re passionate about driving positive change in healthcare through innovation. Join our team of talented professionals and be at the forefront of the connected health technology revolution.

At Boomerang Ventures, we’re always seeking talented individuals passionate about making a difference in healthcare.​

Whether your expertise lies in venture studio operations, investment analysis, business development, or technology innovation, we invite you to explore our current career opportunities. Together, we can revolutionize healthcare and create a brighter future. Join the Boomerang Ventures team and embark on a rewarding career where your skills, ideas, and contributions matter.


Boomerang Ventures combines a venture studio and venture fund to provide capital and hands-on expertise to very early-stage life science start-ups to build them more quickly and effectively toward a fast, lucrative exit. First-time founders needing business, technical and other expertise to form and build a new company (NewCo) are a good fit for the Studio.

The Boomerang Studio purpose and passion is to transform lives and we do this in our niche of bringing amazing connected healthcare ideas to life. Candidates for a NewCo CEO position may join the studio as a XiR (executive or entrepreneur in residence; see XiR job description) during Stage 2 of a project before the NewCo is formed and have the opportunity to become CEO in Boomerang Launch System (BLS) Stage 3 when the NewCo is formed.  Alternatively, a CEO may be recruited to join the NewCo at company formation. 

A CEO is expected to be an entrepreneur with a proven track record in startups or an executive with a successful track record in established corporations.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Reports to the NewCo Board of Directors.
  • Defines NewCo’s vision, culture, and strategy.
  • Raises funds and manages investor relations.
  • Builds and develops a high-performance culture and team.
  • Aligns with Boomerang Venture Studio processes, timelines, milestones, and deliverables (including utilization of the Boomerang Business Stack and an aligned Entrepreneurial Operating System).
  • Acquires market intelligence and proactively engages customers.
  • Manages cash flow and prioritizes capital allocation.
  • Is actively involved in corporate and business development.
  • Has overall responsibility for all company functions.
  • Provides KPI metrics and report-outs to stakeholders.
  • Guides and engages with the founding team to leverage their strengths and commitments.
  • Identifies, evaluates, negotiates, contracts with, and manages the work and performance of outsourced services providers needed to achieve BLS deliverables and fundraising milestones.
  • Ensures high-performance results and drives continuous improvement.
  • Proactively expands startup company expertise through personal networking and learning and leveraging the resources provided in the Boomerang Studio.

Target Profile

  • “A Player”; proactively finds a way to overcome challenges and get things done with high-performance standards.
  • Identifies and manages startup/project risks and uncertainties; able to make timely decisions with small data sets after prudently balancing risks/rewards.
  • Closely matches the Boomerang Studio Core Values:
    • Collaborative
    • Innovative
    • Results Driven
    • Problem Solver
    • Customer Oriented
  • Strong leadership skills; takes ownership of team results and drives cross-functional teams to success.
  • Understands fundraising and develops de-risking milestones/data to build a compelling investor story.
  • Proactively develops networking connections with investors, founders, suppliers, resources, and entrepreneurial ecosystem stakeholders.
  • Passionate about learning new markets and enhancing human lives through improved healthcare.
  • Strategic yet willing and able to work in the trenches; strong sense of urgency.
  • Broad understanding of life sciences including end markets, regulatory issues, companies, and institutes.
  • Analytical; gathers and synthesizes data to build customer validation, product-market fit, and compelling business cases.
  • Proven leader with 10+ years of entrepreneurial or executive experience with strong product-market strategy expertise and pertinent technical/process expertise.
  • Excellent communication skills; willing and able to raise tough topics in an open and respectful way;
  • Excellent business execution, project management, and work prioritization skills.


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