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Tejas Vijh


Investment Analyst

Tejas Vijh joined Boomerang Ventures as an Investment Analyst with an impressive background in the venture capital sector, focusing on investment analysis, due diligence, and supporting startups in technology sectors including Health Tech, EdTech, and Generative AI. His experiences at New York Angels and Big Idea Ventures, alongside roles at Owl Ventures and First Cheque, have honed his skills in evaluating startup potential and making strategic investment decisions.

Tejas brings insight, integrity, and a forward-looking perspective to emerging technologies and businesses, combining analytical prowess with technical expertise.

His dedication to entrepreneurship and innovation extended beyond his professional roles. During Tejas’ graduate studies at Columbia University, he founded the Columbia Entrepreneurship and Venture Society (CEVS), an initiative to connect aspiring entrepreneurs with the venture capital ecosystem, exploring the intricacies of startup development and growth. This effort underscores his commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and bridging the gap between academic learning and industry practice.

Tejas holds a Master of Science in Business Analytics from Columbia Engineering & Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

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