Boomerang Studios Appoints Board of Directors

Boomerang Studios Appoints Board of Directors

Boomerang Studio, a health tech venture studio established in 2020, recently appointed four new board members.

INDIANAPOLIS, January 6, 2022 ( – Boomerang Studio, a health tech venture studio established in 2020, recently appointed four new board members.

The board will provide oversight and strategic direction to help meet Boomerang Studio goals and objectives. The four appointed board members are: Ariel MacTavish (independent member); Rajat Kapoor, MD MBA (representing the investors); Oscar Moralez (Founder and Managing Partner) and Eric Bier, MD (Partner and Chief Medical Officer), both representing Boomerang Ventures.  

“We are extremely fortunate to attract individuals such as Ariel and Dr. Kapoor to our board. They are outstanding, well-respected professionals in their field, and we are delighted to welcome them into our organization,” said Oscar Moralez Chairman of the Board. 

Ariel MacTavish is the President of Respiratory Interventions, an operational unit at Medtronic. She has been in the medical device industry for over 25 years, including 15 at Johnson & Johnson and 9 years at Medtronic. She has considerable experience with several health technologies, including cardiovascular, surgical, and respiratory. 

Rajat Kapoor MD MBA, is a Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician with Indiana University School of Medicine. He completed his MBA with Kelley School of Business and is a clinician, educator and researcher. He has led several clinical research studies as a principal investigator and co-investigator. He focuses on projects related to development of quality protocols, improved access and experience for patients and team members. 

Oscar Moralez, founder of Boomerang Studio, has also founded VisionTech Partners, VisionTech Angels, and BioStorage Technologies, all in Indianapolis. He has over 20 years of technical, operational, and management experience in the healthcare and life sciences industries. He also teaches entrepreneurship classes at Purdue University and works as an advisor, mentor, coach, and juror for various startups and startup activities in the region. 

Eric Beier, MD, has a wide range of leadership experience as an entrepreneur, physician, and investor. He has been CEO of MedOptima and Matrix-Bio. He was a co-founder of two private equity groups (Maple Seed Capital and The Liberator Group) and founded the Fort Wayne Chapter of VisionTech Angels.