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Boomerang Fund provides the financial support and strategic guidance you need to propel your venture forward in the dynamic world of connected health technology. Fuel your venture’s success.

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur or innovator seeking funding to turn your groundbreaking ideas into reality?

We believe in capturing value early. Whether you’re at the Pre-Seed stage or seeking Series Seed or Series A funding, Boomerang Fund is dedicated to supporting ventures in their early growth stages. We provide the capital, guidance, and connections to help you navigate the crucial early phases of your business journey. Beyond funding, we offer more than just financial support. Boomerang Fund is a strategic partner, bringing our extensive network, industry knowledge, and experience to the table.

Contact us today to explore funding opportunities and embark on a transformative journey with Boomerang Fund by your side.


Boomerang Ventures
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Boomerang Ventures