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Boomerang Ventures Taps Dick Aderman as New Studio Director, Audrey Beckman Steps Up as Partner, Strengthens Executive Leadership Team
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Boomerang Ventures is proud to announce the appointment of Dick Aderman as Studio Director, and Audrey Beckman steps up as Partner.

Boomerang Ventures is proud to announce the appointment of Dick Aderman as Studio Director to the company’s venture studio arm, which focuses on developing innovative technologies, products, and companies in connected health. Aderman steps up from Executive-in-Residence (XiR) at Boomerang Ventures to take on the new leadership role.

“After an extensive 17-month search and interviewing several highly qualified candidates, we are thrilled to welcome Dick Aderman as our new Studio Director,” said Eric Beier, MD, Partner & Chief Medical Officer at Boomerang Ventures. “Dick’s extensive experience and qualifications make him the ideal fit for this position, and we are pleased to have hired from within the company as he has been serving as an XiR at Boomerang Studio since September 2022.”

As a seasoned executive with a successful track record of value creation and more than two decades of P&L responsibility, Aderman brings a wealth of experience to the Studio Director role. He is a global leader, having held senior-level positions in healthcare IT, medical devices, clinical diagnostics, and healthcare services firms. Aderman is also President of The iTeam, a network of CEO think tanks in Indianapolis.

As Studio Director, Aderman will lead the Boomerang Studio team in strategizing and executing projects per the Boomerang Launch System, a proprietary stage gate process for developing projects into portfolio companies. He will collaborate with Studio Founders to maintain external partnerships, identify new business opportunities, select new projects, and successfully establish and support new companies, aka NewCos. Aderman will also represent the Studio in many healthcare start-up ecosystem capacities and run the day-to-day operation of Boomerang Studio, from building and leading the team to evaluating Studio processes and maintaining strong collaborative relationships among the network of Studio founders, clients, and suppliers.

“I’m excited about this career move, and working with Boomerang Ventures over the last few months has been rewarding and a pleasure. The Boomerang team and model are a great fit philosophically and from a skill set and experience standpoint. The position is designed to make a difference in the businesses we evaluate, invest in, and drive to exit. It also promotes an economic impact in the local, regional, and national healthcare/life sciences start-up ecosphere. As a mentor, multiplier, and leader, it is a chance to make a difference in the lives of our leaders and employees. Ultimately, it is an opportunity to advance human health and healthcare delivery for people worldwide. The Boomerang leadership team’s trust and confidence are greatly appreciated,” said Dick Aderman, Studio Director at Boomerang Ventures.

Boomerang Ventures would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Audrey Beckman, who was promoted to Partner in January 2023. Beckman has been instrumental in driving the success of Boomerang Ventures as Chief Innovation Officer since 2020, helping bring healthcare ideas to life. Her extensive experience and expertise in venture capital and entrepreneurship have been critical to the growth and success of the firm.

“We are thrilled to have Audrey on board as a Partner,” said Oscar Moralez, Founder & Managing Partner at Boomerang Ventures. “Her contributions to Boomerang Ventures have been invaluable, and we look forward to her continued leadership and success as we work to build and launch the next generation of breakthrough companies.”

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