Boomerang Ventures Fuels Mentavi Health’s Growth with Series AA Investment and Strategic Support
Photo credit: Leon Seibert
Mentavi Health is a Boomerang Ventures' Portfolio Company

Innovation Pushes a New Era of Accessible and Transformative Mental Health Care

Boomerang Ventures, a leading combination venture capital and studio firm specializing in early growth-stage connected health technology companies, is thrilled to announce its pivotal role in Mentavi Health‘s recent series AA investment round. This transformative investment positions Mentavi Health, the visionary force behind ADHD Online, for accelerated growth and groundbreaking advancements in telehealth innovation.

With a strong commitment to increasing patient access to quality mental health care, Mentavi Health has garnered widespread recognition for its innovative approach to separating assessment from treatment, ensuring rigorous clinical standards, and streamlining care across a spectrum of mental health needs.

“Mentavi Health’s mission deeply resonates with our own values at Boomerang Ventures. By providing critical capital and leveraging our extensive network, we are thrilled to fuel Mentavi Health’s growth and make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry,” said Oscar Moralez, Founder & Managing Partner, Boomerang Ventures, and advisory board member, Mentavi Health.

As part of the Series AA round, notable investors, including Wakestream Ventures, Michigan Capital Network, and Boomerang Ventures, have closed on $2 million in funding to date, providing Mentavi Health with the resources to propel innovation, expand market reach, and solidify its position as a leading player in the mental health assessment and treatment landscape.

“The alignment between Mentavi Health’s vision and Boomerang Ventures’ strategic support is truly inspiring. We are eager to collaborate on driving the future of mental healthcare, creating accessible and affordable solutions for all,” added Moralez.

In addition to the investment, Mentavi Health has appointed Keith Brophy as CEO, a distinguished leader with extensive experience in the healthcare and technology sectors. Brophy’s dynamic leadership capabilities and track record of driving scalable innovations make him ideally suited to lead ADHD Online’s ambitious journey toward delivering exceptional patient care.

“The Boomerang Ventures’ partnership is a key milestone as we extend our diagnostic assessment offerings, targeting a broader spectrum of related conditions, all while navigating the evolving mental healthcare arena,” said Mentavi Health CEO Keith Brophy.

Mentavi Health has also assembled a new board of directors, drawing from diverse expertise in healthcare, patient journey, and company building. The board comprises industry leaders and strategic thinkers dedicated to guiding the company’s vision and growth alongside founders Zach Booker and Randy Duthler, MD.

Boomerang Ventures remains committed to supporting Mentavi Health’s innovative vision and extending its positive impact on mental health care access. As the venture capital firm continues to reimagine healthcare innovation, it strengthens its strategic position at the crossroads of health technology, studio-fund synchronization, and the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indianapolis.

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About Mentavi Health

Mentavi Health, home of ADHD Online, is an innovative trailblazer in the telehealth startup ecosystem, committed to providing accessible and affordable quality mental health care. By separating assessment from treatment and adhering to rigorous clinical standards, Mentavi Health empowers patients to take control of their lives across a spectrum of mental health needs. With HIPAA-secured online ADHD assessments and licensed psychologist reviews available in all 50 states, Mentavi Health is a critical voice for those seeking support in their mental health journey. ADHD Online is a brand under Mentavi Health, addressing ADHD and related mental health conditions alongside organizational customers. For more information, visit or