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IU researchers’ quantifiable soft tissue manipulation device moves closer to helping patients
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Source: IU Impact IU researchers develop a quantifiable soft tissue manipulation device, moving closer to helping patients. This innovative medical device aims to improve patient outcomes through precise and effective treatments.

New technology aims to revolutionize the orthopedic manual therapy industry

A new device that would allow physical therapists to monitor the level of pressure they apply to the soft tissue of patients seeking greater mobility and pain relief, developed by Indiana University researchers, is one step closer to the healthcare market.

Health Smart Technologies, a startup company formed by Terry Loghmani, PT, Ph.D., an associate professor of physical therapy at the IU School of Health and Human Sciences at IUPUI, with co-founders Sohel Anwar, PE, Ph.D., and Stanley Chien ECE, Ph.D., of the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI, has been acquired by BVS Muscle.  With the acquisition, BVS Muscle, a new portfolio company from Indianapolis-headquartered Boomerang Ventures, will exclusively license the researchers’ quantifiable soft tissue manipulation (QSTM) device system developed at IU.

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Source: IU Impact

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