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Boomerang Ventures Co-leads $1M Pre-Seed Investment in Primary Record, Mobile Health App Simplifying Health Data for Families
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Source: Boomerang Ventures co-leads a $1M pre-seed investment in Primary Record, a mobile health app designed to simplify patient data management. This funding will enhance the app's capabilities and expand its market reach.

Boomerang Ventures, a leading combination venture capital and studio firm, announced a strategic investment in Primary Record, an early-stage company developing a medical health data application. Completed in October 2023, the investment marks a milestone for Primary Record, securing $1M and a Venture Capital Investment tax credit of 30%.

Primary Record enhances the family experience of navigating healthcare through its secure mobile health app that consolidates personal health data, simplifying communication and sharing to improve care coordination while reducing costs.

“Primary Record was born from the idea that families should have the tools to own and share their health information. This investment will provide crucial support as we pursue our vision,” said┬áJean Ross, RN, Co-Founder, Primary Record.

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